In Sardinia, We enjoyed great food at breakfast. Different kinds of restaurants help us to have wonderful pleasure in local cuisine. We had cheese, cake, risotto and even more. We used yacht to travel from Sicily, Pietravairano to Sardinia. The travelling experience in yacht helped us to stare on island in different views. We got a chance to feel cool breeze and fresh air. Climate showed the signs of sudden storm and we were set ready with appropriate preventive measures. Guides in yacht assisted us in a right direction and so we did not face any issues against storm. Then, we continued our trip with more delights.

We decided that Italy is the best location to spend a great time with our family. Our first day started from Sicily city. We had a great time in different attractive places in Sicily. We had a list of Sicily’s highlights and it helped us to have great pleasure and bliss. We cannot forget the first day experience in Sicily as it brings lots of excitements and thrills. Cathedral Pietravairano is one of the important attractions present in Italy. You can also find the place in local postcards.

We all climbed on the top of the bell tower to get a great view of the entire city. It was really an awesome occurrence that we did not experience it in our lifetime. Square is another important attraction in Italy. It is present in front of the cathedral that is the middle of cultural life. We went during summer festival so we had a chance to enjoy the musical and traditional events in high range. Our kids enjoyed the delightful events with more enjoyments.


The best in class facilities in the yacht charter give the maximum return on investment. We have reached Sicily and Pietravairano at the end of our yachting. This town has a wide range of the most attractive elements and lots of things to do at all time. We have visited different shops in this town and fulfilled our shopping requirements. The most special elements in bars and hotels of this town realized our imaginations about the best tourism.